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Zero stands as transformation from two different phases of life...

One half represent's our -Young Age and the other half- our Retirement Age. Both put together forms a Circle i.e a Zero.

At Camp Zero-We believe that we started with Zero, learned, built and gave it to our family. The present phase is to Unlearn and Rebuild Fresh, which was left as a child- Hence treating it as ‘Ground Zero’

A like minded retirement community

What better than living with like minded people.

Our inspiration is our cultural system- a big happy Joint family and a reliable Support System in place for any situation.

We encourage our Friends to have an active life style, meet people, participate in games, events and activities.... or just walk in the Garden, listening to the humming birds.

Watching a movie, exercise in the Gym or Yoga with Friends...Make Life more Fun.

Discover Camp Zero

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Reasons to retire young

Morning dawn through the hill valley's soul-catching sun rises and cool zephyr, which pat leaves and dancing with them, tender leaves of tea plantation look like green carpet, While the thick fog hides the treetops, the Sun appears over the eastern horizon, gently dissolving the morning mist to unravel the jewels of Mother Nature. Silence reigns absolutely - punctuated by the sweet call of the peacock or the chorus rendered by myriads of cicadas. Sweet symphony of little birds resonating over the nearby hills, Lively waterfalls cascading down the purple hills.

Oxygen-enriched air scented mildly with the fragrance of eucalyptus,Coffee and wintergreen. Winding roads, Lovely sunrises, soothing sunsets and the night sky with a foggy Blanket covering the camp.

A Piece of Heaven -Truly with Rain, flowers, Whispering lofty coconut palms, coffee shrubs, betel palms standing majestically by you. Truly a bounty of Nature or blessings sent from the Heavens above…

My cottage

Elegant brick-stone composite masonry Cottages are spacious, well- ventilated, fitted with all modern luxuries, surrounded by Nature across...

Flat Screen Television with DTH connection

Study unit with chair

Cots with Side Tables

Dining Table

Wireless Internet

Intercom and direct telephone lines

Built-in cupboards

Fully-equipped modular pantry

Anti-skid flooring

Emergency ‘Call-Point’

Water Heater in Bathroom

Pantry with Microwave & Refrigerator

Garden Chairs

All light Fittings

Seating in the living

Camp Zero Features

At Camp Zero- Residents live in comfortable, stylish and maintenance-free Cottages, With hassle free Daily housekeeping services. Enjoying fine dining at the Green Lantern Club -prepared by chefs with customized training on nutrition, healthy cooking and flavor dynamics. Residents have a wealth of opportunities to stay active and be engaged in the surrounding community or simply relax in the privacy of their Cottage.


Lounge Area

Business Centre
and Library Internet

Guest House


Games Area

Camp Zero Location