Camp Zero FAQ

Yes, we have two Options; you can either buy the unit or take it up on Long Lease.

Monthly charges and all recurring costs will be indexed and revised as required periodically.

Yes, you may stay in the unit as per your convenience. Charges for food and consumables are not payable for absences exceeding 30 days. However, you would need to pay the Fixed Monthly Charges for Maintenance.

No. All your requirements will be taken care of by the staff members of Camp Zero.

Smoking and consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the common areas. However, inside your living unit, it is your personal choice.

Sorry. For the convenience of all residents, we follow a ‘no-pet’ policy at Camp Zero, However, we are having small pet area within the campus, where we have housed rabbits, Ducks, Geese and Birds..

Yes, Campus is connected by Wifi

The kitchen is operational during a fixed time.

Room service is available only during medical emergencies or under special circumstances.

All units are fully and comfortably furnished. However, personal items for decoration are most welcome.

Sure, you can maintain your own car. Parking arrangements are available, both within as well as outside each facility.

Yes. 100% power back-up is available, round-the-clock.

Your visitors can stay at Camp Zero guest house, which has been specifically designed for this purpose. Charges as Applicable.

There are lots of activities to occupy you throughout the day. You could watch movies in the common area, use the gym or practice yoga and meditation. The indoor games room is accessible to residents anytime of the day. You could surf the Internet or read books on various subjects available in our well-stocked library. You could also get involved in socially productive work with NGOs.

A very high-level of manned security, as well as electronic surveillance by CCTVs, is provided 24x7x365. Emergency ‘Call-Points’ are installed in all living units and across the facility. The entire facility is gated with a single 24x7 manned entry/exit point.

No. You are free to move out any time you like.

Yes you can, but we would recommend that if you intend selling the property you go through the process in consultation with CampZero Property Services to ensure that the property is sold to people who intend using it for the purpose of retirement home only.

Like any other property, your child can inherit the house. However, she/He can’t live here until she/He becomes a senior citizen. That means she/He will have to either keep it shut or rent it out compulsorily to a senior citizen until a certain age.

Yes you can buy, but will have to lease it or rent it to 55+ People