Camp Zero Member Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

To maintain a certain degree of Balance amongst the residents at Camp Zero, the management has listed a few basic criteria’s for admission as desirable.

  • 01


    The minimum age required to become an eligible resident of Camp Zero is 55 years.(or One of the spouse could be in this age bracket to consider the other)

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    As Camp Zero is all about living an active, independent lifestyle, our medical and healthcare expert's have given an indicative fitness level a resident should have to enjoy the facilities offered by us. The resident should not be suffering from any chronic, infectious or communicable diseases.

    The resident should not be severely handicapped and should be capable of managing, his/her day-to-day activities such as bathing, eating and performing daily ablutions.

    The resident should not be mentally challenged, suffering from dementia, Alzheimer Disease or any other type of psychiatric disorder.

    The resident should not be dependent on any type of life support equipment, such as a dialysis machine or ventilator.

    All applicants would need to clear a medical screening by a board appointed by the management of Camp Zero to become a resident.

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    People of all nationalities are welcome at Camp Zero. However, relevant documents will be required as listed below:

    1.In case of a PIO, valid permit for long term stay in India should be furnished.

    2.In case of a foreign national, a copy of the passport, with valid visa will have to be provided.