Life at Camp Zero

A Reason to retire Young

Morning dawn through the hill valley's soul-catching sun rises and cool zephyr, which pat leaves and dancing with them, tender leaves of tea plantation look like green carpet, While the thick fog hides the treetops, the Sun appears over the eastern horizon, gently dissolving the morning mist to unravel the jewels of Mother Nature. Silence reigns absolutely - punctuated by the sweet call of the peacock or the chorus rendered by myriads of cicadas. Sweet symphony of little birds resonating over the nearby hills, Lively waterfalls cascading down the purple hills.

Oxygen-enriched air scented mildly with the fragrance of eucalyptus,Coffee and wintergreen. Winding roads, Lovely sunrises, soothing sunsets and the night sky with a foggy Blanket covering the camp.

A Piece of Heaven -Truly with Rain, flowers, Whispering lofty coconut palms, coffee shrubs, betel palms standing majestically by you. Truly a bounty of Nature or blessings sent from the Heavens aboveā€¦